Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps

by wootbot

Sung Of Sam

The Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player isn't just a way to watch your 3D Blu-ray in 3D. It can also handle lots of other Ds as well.

INT: A modern suburban home. Two kids are at their computer, sighing. It's so boring! So two-dimensional! Outside, their father is walking toward the door, carrying a Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player. He's smiling with excitement, and can't wait to change the lives of his children. Let's watch!

DAD: Say, kids! What are you doing on that outdated computer?"

DANNY: Aw, I'm just trying to watch a movie for school.

DAUGHTER: We're studying Avatar. But, Dad! It's such a BORING movie in plain ol' 2D!

DAD: I'll say! What's even the point?

DANNY: Sure wish we could watch it in 3D like we did that winter when we were young.

DAUGHTER: Yeah, we had the full experience that year.

DANNY: But now that it's 2012, I guess that'll never, ever happen.

DAUGHTER: Sigh. Guess I'm gonna go cry in the bathroom again.

DAD: Wait, kids! Check this out! It's a Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player!

DAUGHTER: Wow! A Blu-ray player that handles 3D!

DANNY: Wait... are you lying to us again?

DAUGHTER: Hey, yeah. Like when you said our dog went to that farm!

DAD: No lies, kids, the Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player handles 3D with ease! And look what else it can do! By using the built-in Wi-Fi technology I can share content from my smart phone... like this video of our dog on a farm!

DAUGHTER: It's Puddles!

DANNY: Aw, Dad! He looks so happy!

DAUGHTER: Did he just eat a rat?

DAD: That's farm life, honey! And that's the life we can observe from afar, now that we have this Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player. Now, who wants to help your ol' Dad figure out how to access the special BD Wise Web features?

DANNY: Oh, Dad!

DAUGHTER: Ha ha! Old people are dumb!