Samsung 40" 1080p 3D LED Smart TV

by wootbot

An Uncommonly Good TV

Putting up a 3D TV is the traditional way to celebrate a non-Leap Year.

Come on in, guys! We're just about to watch the Common Year ball drop, live from Newsday Square in Staten Island. Gather 'round our new Samsung 1080p 3D TV and we'll all count it in together.

At our house, celebrating Common Year is a cherished yearly tradition. Well, three out of every four years. First, Dad drives us out to the forest and chops down the biggest, fullest Samsung 3D TV he can find. The one we got this year is 40 inches diagonally if it's an inch! We can barely tie it onto the top of the car!

Then we come home and put on our matching Common Year t-shirts, salute our Common Year heroes, and remember those whose lives have been shortened by Leap Years with a video we can watch on our streaming Samsung Smart TV.

For all the fun, we never lose sight of the reason for the season: expressing our thanks that we don't have to live through another hateful, harmful February 29. Oh, look... the countdown's about to start! "Seven-and-a-half! Seven! Six! Five!..."