Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- 5 Colors

by wootbot


It's your phone... but on your wrist... *mind explodes*

Not thirty years ago people were listening to vinyl, wearing bright colored shirts, recovering from a banking crisis and talking on huge wall phones. Today it's exactly the same... except for the part where the phone isn't on the wall. It's on your wrist. Your wrist.

It's hard to imagine what a game changer this is. Possibly because... it's not. No, seriously. People have been planning for this day since like forever. A way to get phone calls and texts on your wrists isn't anything that's in any way new.

But it is neat. And useful. And it's kinda fun to lift your watch up to your mouth and make a phone call, or send a text, or check the weather. We're not gonna lie to you, this is the kind of thing we would have been saving up to buy once upon a time.

Just don't act like it's something them 21st Century Kids invented all by themselves, okay? We've been working to reach this day for quite a few generations.