Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch- 5 Colors

by wootbot

May The Updated Fourth Be With You

When using the Samsung Galaxy Watch, be aware: what used to be 3pm is now known as "3pm Legends" instead.

Of course you'll expect this Samsung Galaxy Watch to function perfectly well as a smart-watch, and it does handle real time notifications, calls and voice commands just as you'd expect. But the numbers you've come to know and love over the years? Well, sad to say... those are no longer canon.

For example, you know how it USED to be that 3:45 was right after 3:44 but before 3:46? Well, we no longer consider that canon. But don't worry, we know that 3:45 is a fan favorite, and we're not leaving it out. It'll absolutely appear somewhere on this Samsung Galaxy Watch... just not how you expect!

Now, as far as the functions go, when you connect this to your smartphone, you'll be able to place calls right there on your wrist, like science fiction. Unless the science fiction took place at 5:47pm. Because we're sorry to say that particular time is also no longer canon. It didn't really appear that much on the original sun-dial, after all, and THAT'S the part that matters. But, again, all those old times you one enjoyed will still be accessible via our Legends Of Time series. See? This was WE don't lose ANY revenue, and YOU still feel like we care!

So don't worry. When the new time comes out in November, and you'll be super impressed with how much fun you'll be having learning all the new facts and terminology. Here's a sneak preview: a new bounty hunter named Quartax 'Til Fourlia! Isn't that amazing?