Samsung Galaxy Note Sizzling Sale

by wootbot

The Philadelphia Purchasing Experiment

In 1943, the government sent a ship forward in time, to the future. So we gotta all have tablets and impress them when they arrive.

It's a story long shrouded in conspiratorial smoke. In 1943, the USS Eldridge jumped forward in time as part of an experiment gone wrong. The ship wound up in a far-off crazy future. And where are we right now? Exactly!

So let's all agree right now: when those sailors arrive, we're gonna prank 'em so hard, right? Let's all wear green-and-silver jumpsuits and say words like "bogus" and "meepthorp" like we know what we're talking about. And let's all make sure we have a few Samsung Galaxy Note tablets to show off, just so they know it's really the future.

And, anyway, it won't be hard to impress them. These are people from pre-television, right? Once they start looking at these Galaxy Notes, and seeing the MicroSD/SDHC card slot, and the audio streaming, and the video playback, and the impressive battery life, and the Android operating system and such, they'll be floored! And then they'll just vanish back to 1943, where they'll tell everyone about the crazy future full of jumpsuits, tablets, and slang that's totally hambone, or whatever old people used to say back in 1943.

C'mon, how often to you get a chance to freak out someone from the past? It's either this or dress up like Greys and knock over some cattle.