Samsung Galaxy Note Tent Sale Mega Event

by wootbot

Cutting Edge, Yet Traditional

Multiscreen. A pen. At last, tablets have captured the power of a simple wire-bound notebook.

Look, iLovers: your lowercase tablet is nice. Really! It really is! But if you're studying film with your iThing, you're gonna need to be pausing that movie every few seconds to switch to your note taking app. NOT SO WITH ONE OF THESE EXCITING SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE TABLETS!!

With a Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet, you'll get all the apps and all the Internet and all the portability and all that. But you'll also be happily switching from screen to screen, letting you enjoy a movie AND take notes on the movie simultaneously! This will come in handy if you watch, say, 2004's Primer. Just try and keep up with that movie without taking notes.

Of course, you could just use a 69 cent notebook and a cheap ball point pen... but that's too arthouse, isn't it? You're never gonna make it in a Hollywood meeting if you start whipping out a ball point pen while everyone else has a Samsung Galaxy. It's about the image, people! THE IMAGE!