Samsung SwitchGrip HD Camcorder

by Wootbot

Shooting the Dead

Jeez, can we get one minute of footage without some paranormal stuff messing everything up?!

Cut! Cut! Cut! No Ryan, there’s nothing wrong with your delivery. Your muffled crying was perfect! It’s just that whispering voice in the wind again. You know, talking about “all who enter be warned” and “ye all shall bear witness” etc., etc.

Man, I would kill my location scout for getting us a haunted house, but then again, another ghost in this place and we’ll never get this movie done! I mean, what am I supposed to do with all this footage? It’s worthless! No one would ever buy it!

I figured, with this Samsung SwitchGrip HD Camcorder with 10x Schneider-Kreuznach Lens, I’d have no problem finishing this shoot. It can capture video in 1920 x 1080/60i HD. It’s got Optical Image Stabilization. It features a a 5MP BSI CMOS sensor, which dramatically reduces noise and distortion while also enhancing recording quality in low-light condition. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Well, as it turns out, everything. And no, that wasn’t a joke, weird, echoing, maniacal laughter!

I just wanted to make a film, roughly 3 hours long, about a young husband and wife who buy an old house, fix it up (which would be the first hour and a half or so), in doing so realize the flaws in their relationship, and then go through a grueling divorce (the second hour and a half). That’s the kind of movie that people want to see.

They don’t want to see big, bright orbs appearing out of nowhere. They don’t want to see the eyes of a painting following the characters around the room. They don’t want to see the wife scream and run through the hallways being chased by a knife flying through the air as if propelled by its own volition. Movies are about exploring taboos, not scaring people.

Anyway, it sounds like the whispering’s died down, and the laughter’s trailed off to a chuckle. If we pick it up, who cares; we’ll just have to fix it in post. Sorry for ranting there, guys. Seriously, it’s been amazing working with you, Ryan, and you, Clarissa, and you too disembodied skull… oh, for crying out loud!

No, Clarissa, don’t scream! You’re just egging them on!

Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty



Warranty: 1 Year Samsung

Condition: New


  • SwitchGrip technology ensures that when filming the LCD screen adapts to how the camcorder body is being held. Whether you are left- or right-handed, shooting in difficult positions or combining recording film with other activities, you can always maintain perfect control over your video
  • Featuring an intuitive and clearly visible record button, the HMX-Q10 offers the best and most convenient operating system on the market, as it eliminates the need to have many separate buttons and keys to control the camcorder
  • Easy Operation via the 2.7” wide LCD screen allows the user to perform a variety of functions, including a pause function allowing you to stop and work out the best angle for your recording experience, the ability to turn the camcorder on and off, and playback mode so users can immediately review their footage
  • Captures video in 1920 x 1080/60i HD, and includes an OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Duo system to compensate for hand-shaking better than ever before, creating a stable, clear video every time—even when walking or moving around
  • Its 10x Optical Zoom Schneider-KREUZNACH Varioplan-HD lens provides incredible close-up detail, and the Smart Optical Image Stabilizer guarantees rock-steady shooting
  • Includes a 5MP BSI CMOS sensor, which records with twice the sensitivity of normal CMOS sensors, dramatically reducing noise and distortion while also enhancing recording quality in low-light conditions, so great quality video can be captured in any situation
  • Upgraded version of Samsung’s Smart Auto scene recognition technology, which analyzes key elements of the composition of the footage such as brightness, motion, color and subject and then selects the most appropriate settings to produce the best results possible
  • Samsung Record Pause technology has also been introduced, allowing the user to take brief pauses in filming before re-starting, so they don’t need to merge files when finished
  • With the intuitive LCD touch screen, powered by the new Smart Access UI, users can record and review their videos easily and enjoyably
  • Easy Manual Mode setting, you can access and calibrate the entire breadth of easy-to-use manual features (White Balance, Exposure Values, Backlighting, Self Timer, and C.Nite) through the intuitive interface
  • Streamlined and compact body can easily be carried anywhere


Sensor: 5 Megapixel 0.24" CMOS Sensor
Lens: Schneider-KREUZNACH Varioplan-HD
2.75 - 27.5mm (16:9)
Zoom: Optical: 10x
Digital: 20x
System: NTSC
Recording Media: SD/SDHC (Up to 32GB)
Recording Time: 250 minutes (SD, SF)
300 minutes (SD, F)
390 minutes (SD, N)
1050 minutes (HD, SF)
1390 minutes (HD, F)
2040 minutes (HD, N)
Video Format: High Definition: 1920 x 1080i, 1280 x 720p (60 fps)
Standard Definition: 720 x 480i (60 fps)
Still Image Resolution: JPEG: 4.9 Megapixel
Type: LCD
Size: 2.7"
Touchscreen: Yes
Image Stabilization: Optical
Built-in Mic: Yes
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Tripod Mount: 0.25"
Input/Output Connectors:
Inputs: (1) USB 2.0 Charging
Outputs: (1) USB 2.0 PC Connect
(1) HDMI C (Mini)
(1) Composite Video (out)
(1) Audio
Headphone Jack: Yes
Dimensions: 4.7"(W) x 2.1"(H) x 1.7"(D)
Weight: 6.38oz

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In the box:

  • Samsung HMX-Q10 SwitchGrip HD Camcorder
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • AV Cable
  • USB Cable
  • CD Manual