SANYO 39" 1080p LED HDTV

by wootbot

Go On, Fit It All In

39 inches, eh? If only 1948 could see us now.

Think about all the great TV moments that people have observed across the years. And think about the horrible TVs that people have observed them on. The fourth time that Pittsburgh won their rings? Somebody watched that happen on a 4" portable that was sitting on their lap. And they jumped up cheering. The time that human beings first walked on the moon? Whole families saw that gathered around a 12" screen. The day the Berlin Wall fell? How many of us saw that across a 20" screen and were happy to do it?

And yet, you could take all three of these events and pack 'em into a 39" Sanyo 1080p LED screen with room to spare! Three whole inches, in fact! That's enough room to run the exciting election results from the game-changer in November 2000 plus a list of local school closings due to snow! Why, what more could you ask of a television?