Sanyo 58" LED/Samsung Home Theater Bundle

by wootbot

The Trouble With Film

"Guilty Pleasure" means "Don't want people to see me walking out of the theater after watching it." And for that, there's this.

Here are three awkward situations!

  • ONE: You go to see a movie you recall from childhood. It's terrible. You feel ashamed. Just then, the movie snob you've very much been trying to impress comes out of the bathroom, going to see Le Foreign Du Smart, a very well reviewed movie about the human condition. If the snob knows you came to see Space Butts 2069 you'll never live it down!
  • TWO: You sneak off to see the R-rated thriller, Bee-Sick Instinct a movie that features lots of gratuitous nudity but also a very exciting plot involving a bee keeper who's trying to stop a murderer. While buying a ticket, you look over, and see your parents waiting in line. For the same movie. The one with nudity in it. Eeech.
  • THREE: You want to see Whispers In Quiet Sands, the new tension-filled drama starring your favorite actors, all of whom whisper all of their lines. In front of you is an old man who constantly smacks his lips and shouts WHAT DID THEY JUST SAY? at every crucial plot point.

In all these situations, the trouble is avoided with a SANYO 58" Home Theater Bundle! The 58" 1080p HDTV will offer the same wide screen you've come to expect from a movie theater, and the 2.1 Channel AirTrack AudioBar with Built-In Subwoofer will kick that deep and powerful sound when the bee keeper shouts out THE WASP IS COMING, SHARON, PUT YOUR UNDERWEAR BACK ON AND RUN! Not to mention, the Blu-ray player will let you watch movies in your home, where your parents can't just show up unannounced and creep you out.

Movies are fun, but save that ticket money for the autumn award winner rush! For the weird guilty pleasures, stick with a home theater system. It's just safer.