Screaming Monkey with Woot Cape

by Wootbot

Its flight range may be limited to a theoretical 50 feet, but its getting-on-everyone's-nerves range is far greater than that. It's the infamous Screaming Monkey, awakening from a long hibernation to find that someone has emblazoned a Woot logo on his red cape.

O monkey, what mysterious message is concealed in your hideous screech? What arcane edict dost thou proclaim, in your voice of startling volume and timbre? Hey monkey, just what are you trying to say, anyway?

We think it sounds something like "The Woot-Off's over now! Thanks, everybody!"

Warranty: very funny


  • Slingshot-like rubber arms
  • Professed 50-foot flight range
  • Majestic cape features equally majestic Woot logo
  • Screams like the souls of the damned roasting over the fires of Hell