Sean University: Notecards

by Sean Adams

When I first started the Sean Adams University of Business Management Development Leadership, everyone was always saying, "Sean, that's a great idea, on paper." Then they'd say a bunch of other stuff about how it couldn't work in practice. Naturally, my reaction was to buy a lot of paper. But it's not as easy as just walking into a paper store blindfolded and grabbing something. (Because stores that sell paper also sell scissors, and you could hurt yourself like I did when I was blindfolded in a paper store.)

When buying anything, you're going to have to make decisions. With buying a car, it's do I want a big one or a small one? There are pros and cons of each, like a small one is more efficient but a big one is easier to see from far away and has a larger area to write on. Surprisingly, it's the exactly the same with paper: there's big paper (also known as "sheets") and little paper (also known as "notecards")...

Because of their efficiency, you'll want to use notecards rather than sheets when you're planning and starting your small business. Now, I know that with all of this new information I've introduced, you've probably got some questions. Luckily, here at the SAUBMDL, we've got answers. Please read and review these frequently asked notecard-related questions:

I ran out of space on one of my notecards but I'm not saying what I need to say. Can I tape another one to it so that I can keep writing?

No, this goes against the whole point of notecards. You want to write the same amount of stuff in fewer words or way smaller words. That's why it's efficient.

Are notecards baby sheets of paper? And if I had two pieces of card stock that loved each other very much, could I make my own notecards for free?

No and no. Notecards are not baby sheets of paper. They're more like those dogs that you think are puppies because they're small, but then you find out they just have degenerative diseases.

I'd like a diagram of a notecard with all of its different parts labeled. Could you provide one please?

Yes. Here:

Seriously, I have more stuff to write, I'm out of space, and I’ve got another notecard and a piece of tape right here. Just give me the word and I'll make it happen. Can I please?

No. And stop asking.

According to the box, these notecards are three inches by five inches, but I don’t measure things in inches; I measure things in drawings of half-moons. How many half-moons by half-moons are these cards?

Three half-moons by five half-moons, as long as you make sure each half-moon is an inch long.

I’ve got to give a speech about notecards to executives of a notecard company. Can I write notes about notecards on notecards, or will that tear a hole in the very fabric of the very thing we know as reality????

You should be fine as long as everything you say about notecards is nice and polite. But if you start to say some mean stuff, well then, no one can protect you.

There, I taped them together and solved everything. Now is that so bad?


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