Sean University: Ready, Set, Logo!

by Sean Adams

There are two ways to get someone to say, “Hey, that business is going places!” The first way is to put together a business model that is new and exciting that will make a lot of money really quick. The second way is to put your business’s name on the side of some sort of automobile. For the purpose of this lesson, we’re going to talk about the second way.

You’re probably thinking, “Great! I got some spray paint, I got my Pontiac Aztek, let’s do this thing!” Well, hold on just a minute! You don’t want to put your company’s name on just any car; you want it on a racecar. Why? Because when it comes to going, fast is always better than slow.


But still, it’s not just as simple as slapping your company’s name on a racecar; you need a logo that will catch the eye. That’s why, here at Sean University, we have put together a list of do’s and don’ts for designing your company’s racecar logo:

Do: design a logo with bright, flashy colors to get people’s attention.

Don’t: design a logo that’s so bright it’s on fire. While it may seem like a good way to motivate the driver to go faster and win, the damage costs will be through the roof, especially if you end up burning off the car’s roof.

Do: come up with a design that looks like a million bucks!

Don’t: make the same mistake I did and just make 10,000 origami cranes out of 100 bills and then attach them to the back of the car with strings. It can be distracting.

Do: make a logo that is exciting and sharp!

Don’t: make a logo with actual sharp parts that could fall off and slash the car’s tires. 

Do: design a logo big enough to cover the entire car!

Don’t: design a logo big enough to cover all of the other cars and the racetrack. a) You would have to pay to sponsor those other cars, and b) if the racetrack and the cars were all painted the same, nobody would be able to tell where the cars were.

Do: make sure the design of your logo features your company’s catchy slogan!

Don’t: make your slogan, “throw bricks and things of comparable weight and destructive ability at this car.”


Do: put pictures of your products into your logo. For example, if you’re selling ice cream over the internet, put a digital-looking picture somewhere.

Don’t: put any of your actual products in the car. This goes double for ice-cream, because it will attract bees, and then it doesn’t matter what you sell, because you’ll forever be “the company that ruined the race with all those bees.” 

Do: befriend a graphic designer! They love designing stuff for their friends free of charge!

Don’t: let your new graphic designer friend kill your logo idea with dumb opinions like, “nudity is frowned upon” or “fewer swords” or “hey, maybe not every letter needs to look like it’s a skull.”

These are just general tips. If you post in the comments describing your business, I’ll give you some personalized dos and don’ts for your logo.