Shark Steam Pocket Mop

by Wootbot

It’s Never The Ones You Think

Is your partner living a double life as a Euro Pro Steam Pocket Mop? Look for these troubling signs…

We’ve all seen it happen. A marriage that seems, on its surface, perfectly happy is torn asunder by the shocking revelation that one spouse has been secretly cleaning sealed and pre-sealed hard floor surfaces.

And don’t not think it couldn’t never happen to you. Before you dismiss this warning as a contrived premise for an allegedly humorous piece of copywriting, ask yourself these questions about your relationship:

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you may be sleeping with a Euro Pro Steam Pocket Mop. Relationship counselors recommend remaining calm, talking through the issues together in a climate of nonjudgmental understanding, and getting all the on-demand floor steam-cleaning you can out of your partner before dumping him or her in a few years for a younger model.


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