Shun Edo 3-Piece Knife Set

by wootbot

Heh heh. "Boning."

Let's keep things mature, people. 

We may joke around here at Woot but we're grown-ups, and definitely aren't going to make a joke about the Shun Edo "boning" knife sold in this set. 

That's right, we definitely did not snicker out loud upon reading the word "boning" in the product description. We're marketing professionals, not kindergartners. It's our job to sell you high-quality cutting instruments at a great price, not make schoolyard double-entendre jokes. 

Nor are we going to make jokes about the hardness of this VG10 and AUS8A hand-forged Japanese steel. "Hard" is a very common word, and its use does not justify puerile ribaldry. See? We're educated enough to use words like "puerile," and shouldn't stifle a laugh anytime anyone says "hard."