Simmons 3" Gel or Foam Topper - 5 Sizes

by wootbot

Put Your Toppers To Bed

It's an age-old method of upgrading: just throw something else on top.

We do it all the time with other aspects of our life, so why not add our beds to the mix?

Whether it's wearing a hat to cover a bad hair day, putting a chair on top of that one part of the carpet with a stain, wearing shoes because you've got a hole in your sock, putting on makeup to hide blemishes, choosing pants instead of shorts because you didn't shave your legs, throwing an extra layer of paint on top because you scuffed up the wall, wrapping a gift with a few more ribbons so the birthday boy doesn't see it's Santa Claus wrapping paper, putting on pants because it'd be weird to walk around without pants, throwing on a koozie to keep your drink cold, or putting everything under the bed instead of actually cleaning the room, we're well-versed in the art of covering up our problems.

So, is throwing one of these Simmons 3" Gel or Foam Toppers on top of your mattress really that different? Do what you do best, which isn't necessarily fixing your product but rather just covering it up with something nice!