Simmons 3" Gel or Foam Topper - 5 Sizes

by wootbot

Can't do anything about the rest of the world.


If you’re like 30 percent of the general population, you suffer regularly from some sort of sleep disruption. Insomnia is terrible. But when you throw this gel topper on your bed and sprawl out on it for the first time, you’ll find an entirely new level of serenity. And maybe that will be a comfort to you as you endeavor to wrangle ANY AMOUNT OF SLEEP from the elements that conspire against your respite.

You’ll settle into the restorative memory foam and close your eyes, and as you begin to drift off, you’ll probably remember that bill you forgot to pay earlier in the day. You’ll TRY to mentally set it aside, and you might even succeed...

...but when you’re contemplating the sweet relief your pressure points are experiencing against the perfect balance of cushiony firmness right when the neighbor’s car alarm fills the air with a sweet symphony of beeps and hoots. And when it finally dies down, you’re free to relish the Stay Fresh technology that keeps your new topper odor-free.

You might be discussing that very feature with the Sandman as he lures you to slumber when the children creep into your room a short time later, announce that the closet monster has returned, and then crawl into your bed for Kickfest 2014.

And when those little feet stop flogging your back and you see the sun creeping through the blinds, that’s when you’ll sigh and think, “Yep. This Simmons Curv Gel Topper has completely transformed my bed.”