Simmons Curv 2" Topper-Gel or Standard-5 Sizes

by wootbot

Point-Counterpoint: Gel vs. Foam

The perpetual marketing struggle is herein portrayed 

Greetings, consumer. I am Doctor Luke Bregoff with the International Foam Council, here to discuss the relative merits and overall superiority of foam products. 

Whazzup, y'all? This is Gel Dude, the baddest gel-lovin' dude with serious attitude, here to spit some mad gel-promoting verbiage in ya ear. 

If you find yourself deciding between the foam or gel Simmons Curv 2" mattress topper, may I humbly suggest you consider the foam choice? This dependable, long-lasting mattress topper will serve you and your loving family for generations. 

C'mon broster, you gonna grab life by the horns and pick the gel mattress topper, or join the brainwashed hordes who prefer foam? While you're making up your mind I'mma slam this Jolt soda. Whoaaaaaaaa! 

From foam toothpaste to foam shaving creams, foam is the choice of the responsible, practical consumer. While others are frittering away their potential 401ks on fancy gels, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank with the Simmons foam mattress topper. 

You like to live life on the EDGE, which is why you prefer the semitransparent thrill only gel can provide. Ditch the squares fiddling with their foamy pocket protectors and join the sexy peeps rocking gel.