Singer Sewing Machine and Serger

by wootbot

Sew What

How will you sew your cowardly lion costume? With confidence! Confidence! Also that's the name of this sewing machine, if you didn't already know.

Somewhere out there is a handsome wizard and a beautiful good witch. And they're waiting to meet you. Well, not YOU, but the you you're going to be when you sew yourself a brand new outfit with this Singer 7470 Confidence Sewing Machine. Trust us. It's gonna go great.

Buttonholes? No problem! You got six fully-automatic 1-Step Buttonholes ready to go with this thing! A crazy stitch to hold your mane up? Easy as pie! This thing's got 225 different stitch options! Have no idea what a bobbin is? Not to worry! The Drop & Sew Bobbin System handles most of that AUTOMATICALLY!

Plus, lean in close and we'll tell you about the biggest secret of all. Yeah. That Automatic Needle Threader. That's like fifty hours you won't be spending with a microscopic thread end and a teeny weeny needle hole. Or maybe it's just two minutes that FEELS like fifty hours. Whatever. You'll be happy it exists.

And then, costume in place, you can hop on them yellow bricks and strut to meet the witch or wizard of your dreams. And don't feel bad about misrepresenting yourself in a lion costume, okay? We have it on good authority that, behind the curtain, they're just as lacking in confidence as you are.