Slingbox SOLO Media Streamer

by wootbot

Just Make Sure The Boss Is Out

With a Slingbox, you don't have to wait for a long weekend to catch up on shows you've saved. You could watch anywhere.. even work!

Oh, hi. Just watching a little tennis here and... OHHHHH! Sorry, what was that? Oh, right, right, the Slingbox.

Yeah, this Slingbox Solo lets you- Oh! OH! OH HE SAVED IT HOW DID HE DO THAT THAT WAS UNBELIEVABLE HOW COULD HE- um, anyway, this Slingbox Solo lets you watch your TV shows over the Internet, which is great for when you can't get a day off but still hope to-

NO! THAT WAS IN! HE HAD THAT! For the love of Mike! Anyway, you can see how a Slingbox Solo can come in handy. It'll even let you watch on your tablet, in case you're ever too lazy to get out of bed but don't want to miss a single- YES! YES! THAT'S THE FINAL POINT! Oh, that was incredible, wow!

Oh, and now Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel is on Telemundo? Boy, this Slingbox Solo really pays for itself, doesn't it?