SMC Barricade N Wireless Router & EZ Connect USB Adapter Bundle

by Wootbot

Routers of Passage

Many days have passed since you were led out of the village by the tribal elders. Now, bloodied, bruised, and weak from hunger and thirst, you have returned.

All activity is brought to a halt the moment one of the children sees your thin shape stumbling in the distance and cries out. By the time you reach the edge of the village, everyone is standing outside their huts and staring as you lumber along. The very wind scrapes and cuts along your dry lips with each labored breath. You fight to keep your eyes focused on the entrance to your father’s hut even as your legs give out beneath you. You hear your mother cry out, but there is nothing she can do to help you. Even the slightest touch of another person will remove all honor from your journey.

With your knees and hands, you crawl along the dirt beneath you, inching closer to your destination. Your father is there in the doorway now, arms crossed as he stares at you. There is no emotion in his face, no joy. He simply waits to see if today will be the day his son will be successful or forever be a failure.

You can feel your arms begin to lose their strength but still you push forward until you finally arrive at your father’s feet. Through sheer will alone, you force your hands into the satchel at your side and reveal the thing you were bring back from the wilderness that would prove your very soul’s worth, the SMC Barricade N Wireless Router & EZ Connect USB Adapter Bundle.

It is every young boy’s dream to venture out into the jungle and retrieve for the perfect all-in-one networking solution for connecting and sharing your high-speed Internet connection for his village. Long did you hunt for a router that supports both the latest WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption standards and blazing speeds of 150 Mbps that would make your father and the tribe’s elders proud. Now, as you shake and quiver as you hold the thing up for your father’s approval, you can only hope that your journey was not in vain.

He considers your offering for a moment in silence. You watch as he looks to the chieftains’ then back to you. Finally, he nods his head, takes the SMC Barricade N Wireless Router & EZ Connect USB Adapter Bundle from your grasp, and enters his hut once more so that he may download the latest driver. You collapse then and allow the darkness of unconsciousness to take you knowing that, today, you have become a man.


Warranty: 2 Year SMC Warranty

Condition: New

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Note: For the latest drivers please visit: SMC Driver Page (Click Me)