SO INTENSE: The Double Rainbow Auto-Tune

by Jason Hinklin-Lauderdale

Every summer has its defining song. In 1965, it was "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones. In 1980, Lipps Inc.'s helped us all escape the heat of the cities by taking us to a much cooler place called "Funkytown". Sure, the popularity of "Mambo No.5" in the summer of 1999 showed there were cracks in the system that could be exploited, but luckily the art of the Summer Jam was saved just two years later by Destiny's Child's particular brand of "Bootylicious" jelly, which we were all apparently not ready for.

But what of Summer 2010? What shall be the tune that requires jammage throughout our barbecues and pool parties? To what shall we dance as the cops arrive on the street corner demanding to know who opened the local fire hydrant? What song in this foul year of recessions, oil spills, and uncertainty could come forth to give us the hope we need to weather the heat and humidity with the powers of Hope and Wonder?

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I might make a suggestion.

Okay, yes, it's not actually a song, but an auto-tuned version of a man's somewhat NSFW elation over the sighting of a double rainbow. Doesn't that REALLY matter, though? If Rihanna can sing about umbrellas, why can't we have a song about rainbows. You know, other than that other one.

Personally, though, the Summer Jam hit its high water mark back in 1991 with DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's "Summertime". That's just me, though. If you've got a better one, post it in the comments. Maybe we can get a mixtape going!