Sony 32GB 9.4" Tablet S w/ Cradle

by wootbot

Give it a Kickstart

Hello, internet! My name's Ashley and this is my Kickstarter for a tablet.

Soooo about me. I'm Ashley. I'm 17. I want a tablet. Ummmmm, I'd really like this Sony 32GB 9.4" Tablet S with a cradle. I'm not really sure why, it's just the one I decided looks cool. I know it's not an iPad but everyone has iPads nowadays and I'm kinda over it to be honest.

So I guess it's got Google Play so I can watch all kinds of apps and stuff, and Music Unlimited will be pretty cool, and it's got old PlayStation games available too like Crash Bandicoot! I can even download classic PlayStation and PSP games and play 'em with a DUALSHOCK3 wireless controller.So send me lots of money and I'll be able to get one! It'll be pretty sweet. Kthanksbyeeeeee!