Sony Internet Player with Google TV

by wootbot

When Google Met Sony

Google and Sony kissed, and it was magic. But who's the princess and who's the frog?

1999: "Goo-what, now? Yeah, right. No thanks, guys. We're Sony. You know, the Discman? The Memory Stick? The Minidisc? And we're working on this thing, the eVilla, that's going to blow your minds. Obviously, we're too busy changing the world with cutting-edge technologies to waste our time on a bunch of nerds who don't even make anything. Best of luck with your little Altavista knockoff. Get back to us in six months when you need to find real jobs."

2012: "Uh, hi, Google? Sony here! Yeah, the Sony! We're still around! Guess you didn't get our last eight messages. So listen, crazy idea here: what if we made a set-top box with Google TV on it? So people could go through their TV to use your Google apps and stuff, and Netflix, and Facebook and Twitter, and Pandora, and Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube - all through a Sony device! Because Sony is a name that totally belongs with those other ones! So just give us a call and let's make this thing happen. Call us anytime. We mean it: like, anytime you want. We'll be waiting by the phone. Seriously. Any time. Thanks, guys! Stay awesome!"