Sony PlayStation 3 with 40GB Hard Drive

by Wootbot

These are the times you’ll remember. The whole family gathered around the Sony PlayStation 3, bathed in the chilly glow of games and movies. The kids learning valuable life lessons from GTA XI: Frag The Nursing Home! (sold separately). The young ones bonding with their older siblings over a spirited game of Curious George vs. Predator (sold separately). All of you, together, marvelling at the lifelike special effects of Blu-Ray movies like Spiderman 3 (included!), sharing the wonderful illusion that Bryce Howard looks like that naturally. Yes, if it wasn’t for your PlayStation 3, you’d hardly have a family worthy of the name.

What? You…you…you never got your kids a PlayStation 3? Wow. Man. We knew there were parents like you out there. But we just weren’t ready to face it.

Listen, before we report you to Family Services, we’ll give you a chance to make amends. Here’s a PlayStation right here, with an integrated Blu-Ray player, 7.1-channel sound, and 1080p video. And oh yeah, it plays video games, too. We don’t want to call you a monster if you’ve never had a chance to do right by your kids. If you pass this deal up, then we’ll call you a monster.

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


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