Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock

by wootbot

Longer Isn't Always Better

So you bought an iPhone 5 already, did you? Way to go, sucker.

Boy, I bet you felt pretty good about life sitting there in that line at the crack of dawn, the proud moment of your iPhone 5 pre-order still fresh in your memory. You probably couldn’t wait to whip it out for all your friends and family to see. “Look how long it is?” you’d ask them. “Don’t you think it’s long? Go ahead. Touch its elongated wonder and tremble in the sheer delight of its extended size.”

And the parties! Oh, the parties would be the best part! Did you imagine walking into some casual get-together, waving your music-swollen gadget about, proclaiming to have the power to please everyone in the room with its contents? Of course, you did! Being so technologically-endowed, you have every right to brag!

But you didn’t do all your research, did you? You didn’t hear about how Apple had changed from a 30-pin connector to an 8-pin. And now here you are, massive phone in hand, standing in front of a Sony Speaker System with Apple Dock with no way of making it perform. How tragic.

Sorry, but it looks like someone with a more experienced iPhone 4S or older will have to take over from here. Or maybe it’ll be someone with a big old iPad that makes your iPhone look quaint. Worse yet, somebody with a dinky iPod might get all the glory while you desperately search for a cable for the auxiliary audio port that’ll help you get it up and running.

Yep, I bet you feel foolish for buying that thing so early now. You poor, early-adopting thing, you. At least you can still play with it yourself. Somebody should get some enjoyment out of it, anyway.