Sunbeam Easy Fill 1500-Watt Garment Steamer

by Wootbot

Just What I’ve Always Wanted

When it comes to gift-getting, it’s best to be as clear as possible when asking for what you want.

Hey, honey. I’m sorry, was I gone that long? I was just getting some snacks ready for everyone to eat before dinner. I guess I got lost in thought or something.

No, I’m fine. Really. It’s been a lovely day. The kids are happy with their new stuff, your dad’s as charming as ever, and I’m really looking forward to your mashed potatoes just like always. And my gifts were, you know, great, I guess. What man wouldn’t want a fancy big screen HDTV and a brand new table saw for his workshop? It’s just…

Did I not leave enough hints this year? I’ll admit I’m not the tidiest husband in the world, but I thought leaving out all my wrinkled clothes was a decent clue. Did no one notice the upholstery could use a good 1500-watt steaming? Heck, I even made a fuss over the silly bed skirt. When do I EVER make a fuss about bedskirts? Maybe I was stupid for expecting everyone to pick up on my wanting a Sunbeam Garment Steamer, I don’t know. I just really thought I was going to see that quick-heating beauty under the tree with its long hose and easy-fill water tank, that’s all.

You know what, it doesn’t matter. I can always buy one for myself later, I guess. Let’s just get this meat and cheese tray out there and try to enjoy the rest of the day. Could you grab a couple of beers for your father and me out of the fridge and set them on my new working R2-D2 replica’s serving tray? Thanks, honey.


Warranty: 1 Year Sunbeam

Condition: New


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