Swann FreeStyle 1080p Action Cam

by wootbot


Record your pet bear's entire hibernation.

Some people like dogs, some prefer cats, but you and I: We're domesticated bear people. There's just something about coming home to your house-bear and watching him come sliding along the hardwood floor that just warms your heart in a way nothing else can. But, of course, the hardest part of bear ownership is when your little guy curls up in a warm corner of the closet and hibernates for several winter months. You just miss him so much during hibernation!

That's why I picked up this Swann FreeStyle 1080p Action Cam. It's designed for mounting on equipment to record extreme sports. But it can also be mounted in your closet to record your pet bear as it hibernates. So you can come home from work and relive every slow, deliberate breath and rare shifting-of-position in full 1080p HD.

Of course, the best part of the year is the day when your bear awakes from hibernation and drowsily stumbles around the house. That's when I like to mount the Swann camera right on his little befuddled head. My "tired domesticated bear stumbles down staircase" YouTube video has like 100,000 views!