Swann Security System

by wootbot

Know Your Enemy

You ever rumble with a swan? Trust me, it's something you'd never forget.

The makers of this Swann Security System considered naming it something more outwardly daunting, like the Grizzly Security System or the Great White Security System. But they landed on Swann instead. Why? Because swans are some mean-ass SOBs, that's why.

I know. You'd never really expect it from a swan. They're so beautiful. So majestic. But hear this: A swan WILL cut you. Of course, by "cut" I mean chase you around a lake with zero provocation and beat you to a pulp with its large and powerful wings.

You see, swans are unassuming. That's why "Swann" is the perfect name for a security system that includes four high-quality ADS-180 1/4" Super CMOS cameras and covers all areas of your home without any blind spots. Like, say you're just casually strolling through someone's backyard at 3 am, checking windows and doors for possible entry points. Little do you know, the Swann has been stalking you the entire time. Now its infrared LED with high resolution black and white night vision has you in its sights. And it wants VENGEANCE.

Take it from someone who knows. A swan of any sort, especially one that can record non-stop for up to 120 days, is nothing to shake a stick at. And by "shake" a stick I mean brandish it in a defensively unsuccessful manner while screaming and flailing about wildly.