Sylvania Extreme Sports Earphones Earphones – 2 Pack

by Wootbot

Me And My Shadow

You ask me, Peter Pan had it made.

You know, that part where he comes back for his shadow? Boy, I’d never do that. Call me anti-Jungian if you want but if I could get rid of MY shadow? Bingo, bango, out the door I’d go! It’s hard on a person, having to always be stuck with a shadow like mine!

I get a burrito, it suddenly has to be TWO burritos. I get a car, I need one of those little kid’s steering wheels so my shadow can drive too! Sure, it’s easy to get some hanger-style earphones thanks to the cool two pack of Sylvania SYL252s my friend got me, but seriously, two iPhones? No thank you!

But shadow law is so vague, and I’m worried that if I emancipated myself, he might end up with both cars and at least one of the pools. I guess I’ll just try to block him out with my Sylvania SYL252 Earphones and make the best of it. Maybe if I turn on all the lights…


Warranty: 90 Day Sylvania



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