TaylorMade RBZ Max Iron Set (9 Choices)

by wootbot

Rocket your Ballz

A set of clubs this refined deserves a name to match.

Your company, TaylorMade, has long embraced and embodied the fundamental qualities of golf clubs. Accuracy. Comfort. Precision. Performance. So when you came to us with your new set of irons, as your ad agency we knew needed to come up with the perfect name. A name that reflected the technological advancement that these clubs represented, while at the same time staying true to the dignity of the TaylorMade brand. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to your new best-selling line of performance irons: RocketBallz.

“Rocket” refers to the distance-enhancing technologies contained in these clubs. They push a golfer’s limits, and the name reflects that. Close your eyes. What do you see when I say “rocket"? A beautiful craft, elegantly flying into space. But look closer; that’s no rocket. It’s a golf ball, and with these clubs, you’re launching your white missiles to incredible distances.

The “Ballz” refers, of course, to the ballz. Today’s golfer wants to get some serious distance on their ballz. They don’t want to hit their ballz with any old club. They want to rocket their ballz. And your clubs are going to rocket their ballz right off. Rocket. Ballz. That’s the RocketBallz promise.

As for the lack of space between “Rocket” and “Ballz,” we weren't sure about that, but you already had the whole “TaylorMade” thing going, so we just decided to roll with it too.

Of course, it didn't actually happen like that at all, but RocketBallz was a killer name anyway and TaylorMade lived happily ever after. But now it’s time for bed, children. Stop crying and go to sleep.