TaylorMade Rocketbladez HL Iron Set (RH)

by wootbot

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We alwayz zay, clubz whoze manufacturer pluralizez their namez with a Z muzt be awezome!

Of all the letterz in the alphabet, everybody knowz the z iz the coolezt. (Zhut up about X. It'z pazzĂ©.) Zo of courze when TaylorMade devized a zet of ironz that can zend your zhotz zoaring into the zky with unzurpazzed zpeed, they zaid "Let'z call theze RocketBladez."

Deep undercutz, zlender facez, and a zound control zyztem enzure a zpectacular zenze of feel with every zwing. It'z never been eazier to zhave ztrokez off your zcore than with theze zenzational clubz. TaylorMade Rocketbladez are a zure zhot for zporting zuccezz!