TDK Boombox

by wootbot

Boom Boom Boom.

Hey, can you beatbox into this for me?

No, it's nothing weird. I'm just bad at beatboxing. And if I'm going to be able to slam this thing down on the sidewalk and deliver some freestyle poetry jams, I need some reliable beats on my iPod when I plug it into this TDK Boombox.

"Weird?" Why's it weird? I'm not very good at making those noises with my mouth, okay? And I don't want just any generic studio beat; it's gotta be organic! I want to hear you "pssh" and "ksh" and all that through two six-inch coaxial drivers (or two six-inch speakers and a six-inch subwoofer) pumping 20 (or 30, depending on which model you get) watts of sound!

If you also have any ideas for some freestyle raps, feel free to leave them on here too.