TDK Wireless Sound Cube

by wootbot

To The Third Power

This TDK Bluetooth Sound Cube is the ultimate expression of sound technology. Before this, all sounds were in a different dimension.

Crack open a history book and you'll see it. Dozens upon dozens of people doing the Lindy Hop while listening to a TDK Bluetooth Sound Point. By 1950 and the birth of rock 'n roll, teenagers flocked to malt shoppes to sock hop in front of the TDK Bluetooth Sound Line. And in 1980, the "new wave" lamented the Cold War with icy-fresh tunes that only the TDK Bluetooth Sound Plane could handle.

Today's music, though, takes it all to the next level. That's why today's music needs a TDK Bluetooth Sound Cube, boasting 360 degrees of TDK Signature Sound, dropped wirelessly from your Bluetooth device or wired via the 3.5mm auxiliary input. A full range of drivers, radiators and subwoofer, plus omni-directional sound, the TDK Bluetooth Sound Cube is exactly the sort of three-dimensional device that you need in this three-dimensional world of ours.

At least until we find a TDK Bluetooth Hypercube. Then you'll be able to listen to music at any time before you press play!