Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table

by wootbot


Turn your life upside down.

Eric looked at the Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table. He had bought it because he needed a change, because he needed to turn his life upside down. Now, looking at it, it seemed too simple to really do anything.

He had a hard time believing this was what would get him in shape, what would get him a job, what would get him Gina back. How was it going to grow him a full beard? And how was it going to teach him the ins-and-outs of audio recording?

Would it really help him launch his record label? And would it really help his record label grow successful? But would it keep the label from getting too big and selling out?

And what about his house? Would this Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table get him a mansion? Or two mansions? Each with three pools and a staff of cooks, butlers, and maids? And would he have big muscles and be a lot taller and with nicer eyes so that Gina wouldn't fall in love with any of them? All from his Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table?

"Well, at the very least, it'll improve the health of my spine and joints, increase flexibility, and build strength with inverted exercises," Eric thought. "And that's something, right?"