Teva Men's and Women's TevaSphere Shoes

by wootbot

Running a Wedding

You need a trail running shoe that matches the rest of your ensemble 

"OK, I finally have time to pack. Should I bring khakis or my gray slacks?" 

"I'm not sure what they said about dress code. Let me check the wedding website. Hmmm…"

"What's up?"

"They say to 'dress for trail running.'" 


"Yeah, sorry, I guess I didn't tell you that part. It's going to be one of those trail-running weddings." 

"I'm afraid I'm not familiar."

"You know, we're all going to run through the woods with the bride and groom while they give their vows."

"OK…and then do we change before the reception?" 

"Nope. The reception happens on the trail, too. They've hired a DJ to run along with us while we run and dance." 

"This is going to be hard to dress for." 

"Just make sure your shoes match your belt." 

"My Teva trail running shoes are bright green and yellow." 


"When is this theme wedding trend going to stop?" 

"Hopefully very, very soon. Now let's do some wind sprints -- I don't want to be the bridesmaid who finishes last."