The Competition Was Heated: Seattle Chili Party

by Scott Lydon


secrets from the chat


If you follow our Facebook page you might have noticed that last week, our Seattle office had themselves a chili cook-off! Before you panic at the idea of chili from the Pacific Northwest, please remember: our team has a mix of Texans and St. Louisians in the mix. And the chilis came out juuuust fine.


gettin ready


If you want a little more information or you refuse to use Facebook, meet us after the jump and we'll recap the day! With photos!


srs chl


The ladles flew furiously as Seattle's programmers, writers and artistic types moved from the cubicles to the kitchen. This chili competition was big and one of our staff members even brought two different kinds! Almost every type of animal was represented in these crock pots, and boy, were they delicious.




But fear not, veggie-lovers! We've got vegetarians on staff, so we brought them a no-meat alternative. A crock pot shortage meant they had to use the microwave, but if you had a belly, that belly was gettin' fed. Nobody goes hungry on chili day at Woot!




There was cornbread, extra cornbread, some crackers, shredded cheese and bread. Everyone chose to use a recipe with beans, so chili purists might be aghast, but what's a competition without a huge scandal? After lunch, votes were collected, gathered, counted and announced. Our top three winners got first pick at the prizes (which are totally secret and we can't show them here) but there was a little something for every contestant to thank them for their trouble. And then, the surprise desert.




You can't see it, but they're pudding filled. Yeah.

Pretty much everyone agreed that chili day was a big success, and that our staff can make some doggone delicious chilis. Which is good, since those leftovers might last us for a month.




If you just can't stare at chili enough, we've got a couple extra photos in our Facebook set. And if you've got an opinion on chili (we know you probably do) don't forget to slide on down to the forums and let us know! Make enough noise and maybe our chefs will share their recipes.