The Internet's Most Pointless Controversies: How Many Toes Does Yoda Have?

by Jason Toon

How many words seems like enough to devote to the question of how many toes Yoda has? I'd say two: "Who cares?" For the reader/editors of Wookieepedia, the unofficial Star Wars wiki, the answer is 815. "There is actually a considerable lack of clarity as to the exact number of toes that members of this species possess," the article explains in a lofty scholarly tone. "The definitively canonical number of toes possessed by this species remains unresolved."

When you figure in the two photos accompanying the article (including the array of Yoda action-figure upskirts shown above) at the going word-picture exchange rate, we're up to 2,815 "words". If that hasn't done the trick, we might have to accept that the question may never be resolved.

How are we supposed to go on living without knowing the exact number of Yoda's toes? If you can help, please, give us some advice in the discussion thread below.