The Reason for the Season

by wootbot

America, Heck Yeah!

As American as apple pie. Slightly less edible. 

A shirt? On the main Woot site? What's going on here? America, that's what. Only in America would we say, hey, you know this space where we sell big screen televisions and computers and vacuum cleaners? Let's put some sewn-together cloth in there! Why? Because that cloth MEANS something. 

In fact, we'd even go so far as to say this sewn-together cloth is PRICELESS. In other countries you know what priceless means? It means super pricey! Not here though. Not America. Here, less means less. And that's why we're selling this bad boy for only $8.

And that's ONLY $8. No shipping here. No way, this guy ships for free. And that's free EXPEDITED shipping, by the way. You ask a European for expedited shipping and he'll say, "Sure, so by December then?" And he'll charge you three gold coins and a poem for it too! 

And you know what else? This shirt's edible! Now you might say, "Is a cloth shirt really edible?" And the answer would be no if you're from Canada. But here in America, we believe in a little thing called effort. 

So go ahead, buy a shirt, wear a shirt, eat a shirt. Then buy another shirt, because you ate your first shirt. That's the American thing to do.