The Sesame Street History of Rock n Roll, Part 2

by Jason Toon

You didn't just learn letters, numbers, and the occasional bit of Spanish from Sesame Street. You also learned about rock 'n' roll. Presenting part two of a two-part compilation of our favorite Sesame Street song parodies, from lite-rock to New Wave. Part one is here. Pop music has never been so educational, nor so furry...

With the '70s came the dawn of soft rock -and what's softer than a kitty cat?


Born to Add
Hey man, you hear about Amboy Eddie? Got mixed up with a long-division gang and next thing you know he's on the hard stuff: trig, calculus, whatever he could find. Last I heard, he got arrested for stealing a graphing calculator from his own grandma.


Me Going To Munch You
He's got so much love to give.


ZZ Blues
These sharp-dressed puppets "go zingy" over the lack of z words. Zanzibar gets not one, not two, but three shout-outs.


Rebel L
I'll take CTW over MTV any day.


Kids Just Love To Brush
But where's the Muppet Captain Lou?


Barn in the USA
By the mid-'80s, as the real Bruce moved in a rootsier direction, Muppet Bruce went even further.


Cereal Girl
The anthem of Reagan-era cerealism.


Hip To Be A Square
Makes more sense than the original...


C Drives Me Crazy
Some harsh disses for the other letters here. Just because you love C doesn't mean you should put Y down, you know?


Maybe it's just that I'm not paying attention, or maybe Sesame Street doesn't do parodies like these anymore, but I had no luck finding any direct song parodies from the last 20 years. (I'm not counting the ones where the original artist shows up to sing along, which I consider a totally different category worthy of its own blog post someday.) I'd love to be proven wrong, so if you know of any parodies of hip hop, grunge, boy band, or modern country hits, lay 'em on me.