Thermapack Black Heatshift Pad & Laptop Bag

by Wootbot

Niece And Easy

Excuse me, miss? Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see! Now can you hold this laptop? Great, thanks.

Back when I was young, I used to have to rely on the old fashioned method of cooling my laptop. I’d go up to a girl, use a terrible pickup line, then press my laptop right up against her icy demeanor. In the three seconds before she screamed and ran away, it worked pretty well! But now that I can be legally tried as an adult, things are different, So I prefer a Thermapak Heatshift Pad and Bag.

The high density memory foam protects my laptop, while the strong frame provides great durability. Plus the removable pad helps keep my laptop cool, using patented technology to shift heat away from my computer, just like those women used to shift slowly across the table whenever I sat down. Hey, I’d say, was your father a thief? And they’d roll their eyes, and BAM! LAPTOP IN THE FACE!

It was a great way to live, but sadly, I’ve got too many restraining orders to ever take the chance of doing it again. So I’m happy that the Thermapak Heatshift Pad and Bag meets all my cooling needs. Best of all, it’s a great way for me to practice my pickup lines! Hey, Thermapak Heatshift Pad and Bag, were you ever on the French Riviera? Because you sure use look Nice!

Warranty: 90 Day Thermapak


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