by wootbot

Clarify And Compare

How many times have you said "What do I need? A GPS or a drum?" Well, we're here to help you make that choice. Don't thank us. It's just what we do.

In the interest of dispelling confusion, today we're going to clarify and compare our TomTom XL340S LIVE GPS with the classic tom-tom drum. Join us, won't you? We think you'll find it as helpful as twelve months of real-time traffic information.

So let's make it clear, the TomTom XL340S LIVE GPS will not add depth to your band. But the tom-tom drum won't help you find the fastest route possible! So please consult the following list when making your decision about which product you actually need.

The TomTom XL340S LIVE GPS comes preloaded with more than 7 million points of interest. A tom-tom drum adds an extra little bite to your drums that you just can't find from a snare alone! But don't get too cocky, drummers, because while a tom-tom drum can often be easily found just above the bass drum, the TomTom XL340S LIVE GPS can actually help you find the fastest route possible, even in direct sunlight thanks to the anti-glare screen.

That's not to say the instrument doesn't have a place in the world. Banging on a tom-tom drum will get you a job with a band, maybe! But banging on a TomTom XL340S LIVE GPS? At best you'll be playing an art gallery with some hipster stylophone quartet. On the plus side, you'll find it much easier to actually find that art gallery on the 4.3 inch touchscreen. On the downside, there are no such things as TomTom XL340S LIVE GPS groupies.

So we leave it to you. If you're looking to have 12 months of real-time information, Advanced Lane Guidance, and portability, you want a TomTom XL340S LIVE GPS. But if you're looking to, say, lay down a rhythm track for some cutting-edge prog rock masterpieceā€¦ well, use your best judgement.