Toshiba 15.6" Quad-Core Laptop

by wootbot

Coming Soon

Windows 8 is only the beginning of what this has to offer!

Have you guys played around with Windows 8? What will these Microsoft guys think of next, huh? Well, guess what: we've got the inside line. Here's what you can expect from future Microsoft operating systems:

Windows 9: Just like Windows 8, instead of the icons being boxes, they're stars.

Windows 10: All icons now come in sexy zebra stripe!

Windows 11: A Windows 95 Throwback!

Windows 12: A Windows 11 Throwback!

Windows 13: Skipped to avoid bad luck.

Windows 14: Requires only a few minor abacus calculations!

Windows 15: Operating system with human brain!

Windows 16: Operating system with dog brain!

Windows 17: Edible!

Windows 18: Rumored to be used in remote mountain communities!

Windows 19: In this exciting Operating System, your cursor is wrongly accused of murder and you must click the octagon shaped icons to escape from authorities and prove your innocence.

Windows 20: A Windows 12 Throwback!

Pretty exciting stuff coming down the pipeline, if we do say so ourselves. So grab this Toshiba and get in on the ground floor!