Toshiba 21.5" 1080p LED Monitor

by wootbot


This monitor is optimized for watching sports! As in, it has a screen!

Sports: it used to be that you needed a television with cable to watch them. But not any more. No! These days, it seems just about every major league has some sort of package to stream your favorite teams over the Internet! It's a new era, folks! And that means it's time for a new monitor: this Toshiba 21.5" 1080p LED Monitor to be exact! Why? Because it's the first monitor built specifically to stream sports!

Now, you won't find any information on the Toshiba's packaging indicating this, nor anywhere for that matter, but that doesn't mean we're making it up to sell more monitors! No way! Just look at some of these sporty specs:

And that's just the beginning! It's got tons of other sports-optimized features that we haven't even figured out how to spin yet! But the best part? You can watch all the action of the 2012-2013 NHL at the touch of a button! (It's the one that looks like the off button.)