Toshiba CAMILEO 1080p Camcorder 23x Opt

by wootbot


"How do we know you bought a cool camcorder unless you show us a video of it?"

"You guys have to check out my Toshiba CAMILEO Full HD Camcorder the next time you're over. It's awesome!"

"Well, let's see it."

"Oh, I don't have it with me right now; I wasn't planning on recording anything. But it shoots full 1080p HD and it's got a 23x optical zoom PLUS a 120x digital zoom. It's nuts how cool this thing is!"

"So show us a video."

"Sure, let me pull up YouTube. Here's one I shot; it's just the dog roaming around the yard, but you can still get an idea as to how nice the picture qual-"

"No, man. Show us a video of the camera."

"Yeah, I wanna see the camera."

"But- I can't videotape the camera with the camera. That's impossible."

"Must not be much of a camera after all."