Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Bundle

by wootbot

Don't Paddle Bored

Hey, we've all been there. Are you talking about inflatable paddle boards? Oh, can we start talking about them then?

How many times has this happened to you: You're in a group of people going to the bank to deposit checks when one of them suggests you all go paddle boarding but you're the only one who didn't bring a paddle board because it doesn't fit on your scooter, so you're all "Naw, Steve, paddle boarding is paddle boring" because even though you desperately want to go paddle boarding you don't want the adventure to go on without you but no one laughs at your joke because they've already driven to the river canyon 300 miles away and you've been standing by yourself trying to think of a response for 2 hours.

Correct! This has happened to you 9 times.

Tower Adventurer's inflatable paddle board makes it easy easier to carry your paddle board on the go so you can say "Yes, Steve, let's go" more often, whether or not you're talking to someone named Steve. Simply shove the deflated paddle board into a huge bag and then haul the bag with you everywhere you go. The law of averages says that you will be able to use your inflatable paddle board in an impromptu session sometime within the next 50 years or never. BUT, you can rest easy easier in the knowledge that Steve won't have the upper hand at the bank ever again. Besides, no one really likes Steve. Stupid Steve.