Toy Fair '09: Day One, Part Two

by Scott Lydon

Did you know that Martin Luther King was born in a house larger than the entire city of Atlanta? It says so on this map we found!

Right beside this map, we found a booth run by a guy who made those novelty license plates with names on them...

We thought it would be cute to take a picture here, so we asked the guy if we could take a photo of the plates. He looked at our press credentials and answered “I don’t see why you would possibly need to do that.” and glared and walked away. License Plate Guy was the only one all day that refused us permission to take a picture. So, for the record, the top secret names we weren’t allowed to photograph were Tommy, Mike, Speed Demon and Barry. So much for your secrecy, jerkface.

But most of the booths were very nice to us. The people at K’Nex came out to shake our hands and said they checked in every day. They were very very friendly and didn’t even mind that we took a picture of their monster.

So we feel we have to give them some sort of award. This is our choice for “Best Name Of Product On The First Day Of Toy Fair 2009”. Well done, K’Nex, for proving how easy it is to win us over. Go beat up that license plate guy, would you?

The Hape booth was really nice. We spent a few minutes stacking bamboo on a panda…

...and took a look at a heroic Swiss poet drowning himself in his bathtub…

...but it was the music tower we liked best. By dropping marbles one at a time, you trigger a mix of motion and sound that you assemble yourself. A little work and you could actually write a song. We loved it. Good job, Hape.

By now we were getting sort of tired. We got our second wind when we came around the corner to see the Terra Cotta Soldiers.

Of course, what trip is complete without a little graffiti?

Lego had an exceptional mascot waiting for us.

And we think this soft plushy guitar, with sound, can speak for itself very clearly.

That’s where we left off for the day. But never fear! There’s more coming! This Toy Fair is more exciting than a… than a…

Yeah, one of those.

Run from the space frogs! Flee to the Toy Fair 2009 coverage shelters! All this week for victory!