TRAINERmat Mouse Pad

by Wootbot

Do move a muscle

Warning: Leaving your mouse over a certain stretch can result in severe soreness or stiffness.

Richard’s neck was killing him. I wish there was a way that I could relieve some of this tension. he thought. And there was. The solution was actually right there, on his TRAINERmat Mouse Pad.

But you see, Richard did data entry. He did most of his work with a number pad. He rarely ever touched his mouse, which just happened to be parked over the exact stretch that he needed to loosen up.

So, being unaware of the any solution, Richard decided to just work through it. His neck grew stiffer and stiffer over the course of the week until Thursday afternoon, when Sharon dropped by his cube to say “hi.” Richard tried to turn his neck towards her to respond. And that’s when his head fell right off.

Let Richard’s neck-related misfortune be a lesson to you all. Always practice workplace stretching.


Warranty: 1 Year TRAINERbrands

Condition: New


  • 9 Stretches Printed on the Mouse Pad Surface
  • Great for at home or the office
  • Physician-certified stretches
  • Thick-cushion design
  • Washable, non-slip surface
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Dimensions: 9.5” x 8”

In the box:

  • TRAINERmat 10899451002148 Mouse Pad