Trend Bending: #imthetypeofperson

by Sean Adams

We've waited long enough for this! Thanks to the recently trending hashtag #imthetypeofperson, the people of Twitter finally have an opportunity to tell us a little bit about themselves! And not a moment too soon; they were way too shy and reserved until now. Lets learn about what types there are out there...

I'm not sure which is more impressive: your politeness or your precision microwave control.

Oh! Okay! No music-video-resembling public displays of affection! Check! Just curious, what if my PDA resembles something from... umm... another kind of video? Like, say, a fast-food training video? Or an America's Funniest Home Video?

So we're all clear: passive-aggressive posts on an everyone-can-see-it, open-to-the-public social media site don't count as "not nice things to say." That's the new normal, people.

Doesn't matter what the topic is - someone always tries to steer it toward the old "is obesity genetic or a choice?" debate.

"I'm happy. I'm happy. Still happy. Happy it is. Pretty happy but not as happy as at first. Mouth is getting kind of dry from all this telling you my feelings. Feeling kind of annoyed at the mouth-getting-dry thing. Not feeling that happy at all anymore. Still annoyed. Really annoyed."

He then went on to tweet at five different people, reprimanding each of them for being hypocrites...

What types of person are you seeing on Twitter? #imthetypeofperson who wants you to post about it in the forums.