Video Weird America: Jester What You Always Wanted Edition

by Matthew Norman

Some people do counted cross-stitch. Some paint D&D minis. Woot forum favorite SBCJester21 makes some of the oddest videos ever seen. Conventional wisdom says it’s good to cultivate a hobby, but we think SBCJester might have been wise to consult a lawyer before deciding to take up video-blogging. Imagine what a treasure trove his video archives will make for some prosecutor one day.

You remember the “Inception” video he made, featuring Vladimir the Irradiated Woot Money, right? And his video of Vladimir opening his Bag O’ Crap?

Well, steel yourself for more. Because went about a month ago, SBCJester21 (and Vladimir) to Penguicon, the Detroit area’s premiere sci-f-/Linux crossover convention—and all we got was this strange, strange video. Be warned, parts of it are probably not fit for all workplaces. And all of it will probably warp your brain.

Thanks, SBCJester! Now what about the rest of you weirdos? Taken any videos we should see? (Or any videos we SHOULDN’T?) Tell us about them in the comments below.