VIZIO 1080p LED Smart TV (4 Sizes)

by wootbot

Hail Spidrax

There are many great shows you can watch on the TV of your choice. One of them might even be a blast from the past.

Hi! We'd like to step out from behind the curtain to discuss this writeup from the other day. In it, we made a reference to the classic of '80s toy cartoons, The Sectaurs. In the hundreds of emails we got in as a follow-up, one question rose to the top: what ARE The Sectaurs? So we'd like to use this space today to clear up a few things about our heroes, The Sectaurs.

First of all, no other toy line could inspire a sentence so beautifully ahead of it's time like "Heroic Pinsor, is telebonded to Battle Beetle." Why, wouldn't that summary be right at home in the smash hit movie Avatar? Which, incidentally, would look fantastic in 1080p Full HD. But then again most things do, right?

Second, take a look at the story of The Sectaurs. A group of scientists, busy studying the nature of science, make a mistake that leaves planet Symbion a smouldering wreck. Possibly the scientists spell smoldering with a u because they're British. Regardless, what arises from that U.K.-designed wasteland are man-bugs with swords... a.k.a... THE SECTAURS! Isn't that an origin anyone could be proud of? Just like anyone could be proud of a television that can used VIZIO Internet Apps to access movies and entertainment online, to say nothing of Facebook and the like?

Third, and most important, The Sectaurs were toys that were also gloves. Take a look at the this commercial and imagine yourself as a young child in the cold nuclear winter of the late 1980s. The deadly cold is upon your small village, but you want to play with your friends. What toy will keep you warm as you play? Only... The Sectaurs. One might even call them energy efficient, just like the energy efficient sensors that auto-adjust your HDTV's brightness based on room conditions.

So, please, as you decide which of these Vizio televisions you most prefer, consider this: which one would make The Sectaurs appear at their very best? Because, as everybody knows, if you're not watching The Sectaurs in highest quality, you're not watching The Sectaurs.